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50 Χρόνια ΠΑΚΟΧΑΡΤ


PAKOHART is a modern company, which has been active in the domestic market since 1974, as a reseller of packaging materials.


Having many years of experience in the field, we have started new collaborations with foreign EU, Asian and domestic producers, aiming at improving the quality and competitiveness of the products. In recent years, the company has been engaged in internal development investments in IT systems improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its operation. 


MISSION: Satisfy the packaging needs of our customers by offering added value to their products.


VISION: Become leaders in the wholesale trade of packaging materials in domestic and foreign markets.

What we offer?


PAKOHART provides integrated innovative solutions, watching constantly the global market for new products and trends that can increase our customer sales using the least possible resources.



Initially we identify the packaging need, then we evaluate the possible choices and propose the optimal solution that will meet your requirements.

We contribute in the promotion and achievement of more efficient and effective handling of your products, which in turn will help your company become more competitive and increase its market share.

The packaging we propose will help reduce costs for the business by saving time and space. The handling of parcels, boxes, pallets and available storage space becomes more efficient, while at the same time possible damage and other unnecessary costs are avoided.

Wide range of products covering both paper and plastic packaging.

Our packaging adds value to your product through quality design and promotion.

We aim at the safe and efficient transportation of your products at all stages of the supply chain, from the place of production to the end user.

Who we are

Company Headquarters
Company Headquarters

Our new offices are located in modern facilities in Metamorfosi Attica, where we will be glad to arrange a meeting in order to discuss your packaging needs and find appropriate solutions.

Order Handling & Processing
Order Handling & Processing

The warehousing and handling procedures of our inventory have been undertaken by a fully-organized and certified 4PL (4th Party Logistics) company for the prompt delivery of your orders.

Quality & Services
Quality & Services

Our products are tested for their quality by the production plants carrying the corresponding certificates. The distribution of our products is made by privately owned and Logistics trucks with well-trained drivers who will serve you at the place of delivery.


  • 5 Kapodistriou str., Metamorfosi
         Greece, ΤΚ 14452
  •   +30 210 32 12 904
  • +30 210 32 19 580
  •   +30 210 32 19 580